Why Is The Placenta So Special?

4) To reduce blood loss 

The Placenta is PACKED full of powerful hormones, vitamins and nutrients.

The Placenta is PACKED full of powerful hormones, vitamins and nutrients.

  • Oxytocin hormone - The love hormone <3. This is found in extremely high levels in the placenta. This hormone is released in our bodies when we hug, kiss and cuddle. It is the facilitator for breastfeeding and helps your uterus contract back down, which reduces bleeding #lovepotion #besthormoneever

  • Prolactin - Promotes lactation and increases milk supply

  • Oestrogen & Progesterone – Supports the growth of the mammary glands which aids breastfeeding and helps the uterus contract to prevent postnatal bleeding

  • Prostaglandins – Prevents inflammation and influences pain levels which supports the healing process

  • Immunoglobulins - Full of ready-made immunity that can benefit both mother and baby

  • Thyroid stimulating hormones - Boosts energy and helps recovery from stressful events

  • Placental opioid enhancing factor - Can stimulate the production of your body’s natural opioids, reducing pain and enhancing your sense of wellness

  • Protein hormones – Human Chorionic Gondatrophin, Human Placental Lactogen, Growth hormone and Kisspeptin  - These are full of proteins which aid milk production by stimulating the mammary glands for breastfeeding. Also helping with maternal metabolism by balancing proteins, fats and glucose.

  • Interferon - Stimulates the immune system to protect against infections

  • Iron – Increases energy, lifts mood and prevents fatigue and drowsiness

  • Vitamin B6- Essential for metabolic functioning of the body, strengthens the immune system, regulates blood pressure and can prevent headaches and vomiting

  • Vitamin E – Is key for strong immunity, healthy skin and eyes and has many anti-aging properties

So why do so many women have their placenta made in to capsules? 

1) To improve mood and wellbeing

2 ) To increase milk production

3) To aid healing and recovery

4) To feel more energerised

5) To reduce blood loss