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Placenta Capsules

Steamed Method                          £180

This is the process where your placenta is steamed and infused with aromatics, dehydrated and then encapsulated



Simple Method                                £180   

Here the placenta is not steamed but placed directly into the dehydrator. This process will yield more pills.

50/50                                               £200

Best of both worlds! Here you get 50% steamed and 50% simple. Both presented in separate jars.

A placenta will yield anywhere between 90 – 250 capsules depending on the size of the placenta and encapsulation method.




Placenta Tincture      £60

This is a strong, powerful and long lasting remedy used to balance hormones ranging from PMS to menopause.  Just place 3-4 drops in water when required

Placenta Essence      £35

The "Rescue Remedy" which can be used in times of illness, stress, emotional or hormonal imbalance.  1-4 drops in water as required

Placenta Smoothie   £45

Placenta mixed with a choice of organic berries, and bananas. This can give instant feelings of strength and an immediate boost of hormones to allow the body to heal after birth

Placenta Homeopathic Remedies for Mother & Child     £65

Here you will receive two separate remedies. It can help with colic, crying, teething for babies and also throughout the child's life as the placenta was the life giving source in utero. For mothers it can help with depression, baby blues and times of mental weakness and separation








Other Products:

All prices include a chiller pack and safety instructions on caring for your placenta

- Whipped Momma & Baby Cream     £45 200ml 

 With unique personalised healing properties, rich in nutrients, this cream combines organic ingredients with the healing, therapeutic and restorative qualities of the placenta. Ideal for all over the body on dry, flaky skin


- Momma & Baby balm                           £30 120ml

Organic, natural non-toxic balm. Ideal for inflamed skin, c-section scarring, sore cracked nipples, eczema and newborn rash

- Facial Oil                                                    £60 50ml 

Placenta is known to stimulate collagen and elastin production, making skin look firmer and younger. This unique oil is super moisturising and prevents premature ageing and wrinkling of the skin thanks to its antioxidant properties


Placenta Cord Keepsake       £25                  

All orders will come with a complimentary cord keepsake in a organza bag; however this item will come packaged in a personalised frame

Placenta Print      £20

A beautiful unique print of your placenta, presented on A3 quaility watercolour paper,

to remind yourself of the power and magic behind your placenta


Handmade using all natural and vegan ingredients

Pure & Simple             £220  

This includes your choice of steamed or simple capsules, whipped body cream, placenta print and an unframed cord keepsake

Baby Bloom    £240

Perfect for babies, including your choice of simple or steamed capsules, momma and baby balm, whipped momma and baby body cream, which can be used from birth and a unframed cord keepsake

Peaceful Primrose         £280

For those who want just a little more, including your choice of steamed or simple capsules, whipped body cream, momma and baby balm, facial oil, placenta essence and an unframed cord keepsake 

The Luxury Lotus   £360

The absolute luxury including your choice of steamed, simple or 50/50 capsules, whipped momma and baby body cream, momma and baby balm, facial oil, framed placenta print, framed cord keepsake, tincture and essence

Custom packages available

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