Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

After you have contacted me with your interest, I will send you an online booking form and terms and conditions.

This booking form needs to be completed and a £50 non- refundable deposit payable via PayPal or bank transfer to secure your booking. The terms and conditions must be signed either electronically or sent to be via post.

At 36weeks you will receive your chiller pack with everything you need to store your placenta safely, so you won't have to think of anything.

Once in labour you will need to let me know via text or phone call and then again when your baby is born. Your placenta will aimed to be collected within 12hours of you giving birth and your capsules will be posted back to you within 48-72hours.

What's the difference between Steamed and Simple capsules?

The steamed capules is loosely based on Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, where the placenta is steamed with lemon, ginger and chilli prior to dehydration. This method is best for women who are concerned about the horomonal effects of childbirth and wish to avoid the 'baby blues'. The simple capusles is where the placenta is not steamed, but simply dehydrated at high temperatures to kill bacteria. There is a higher iron content in these capsules and so this is best for women who wish to have more energy in the postnatal period.

I'm high risk, can I still have my placenta encapsulated?

Yes! If you're having a cesarean section, an induction of labour or are seeing a consultant for any other reason, I can encapsulate your placenta. However if you are on medication please check with your prescriber.

What reasons can you not encapsulate a placenta?

If you have a uterine infection, any blood borne conditions such as HIV, if the placenta has been stored incorrectly and if you are a smoker in pregnancy.

What if I have GBS or meconium?

Only the steamed method of encapsulation is available.

Is it safe to consume my placenta?

Yes, there is strong supporting research in the support of the HUGE benefits encapsulation can offer new mothers. The placenta acts as a filter system rather than a storage system, except for the heavy metals found in cigarettes, therefore placenta encapsulation is not available to smokers.

Is it hygenic?

Yes, being a midwife I am trained to hospital grade standards of infection control. I only ever look after one placenta at one time and I have a dedicted workspace solely for the purpose of encapsulation. Your placenta will be handled with the highest standard of hygiene and respect. I am also fully regisitered with Birmingham Environmental Heath.

What about a waterbirth?

I can still encapsulate your placenta after a waterbirth; however, you must deliver your placenta on dry land. Please make a swift exit from the pool once baby has been delivered. Your midwife will be aware of this and will support you.

What if my baby is born early or I'm overdue?

No problem, your placenta will still be perfect for encapsulation. If you have had a previous premature baby then please let me know so I can send you your chiller pack slightly earlier.

Will the hospital let me keep my placenta?

Yes, it is your property and the midwife can only take away your placenta with your consent. However, sometimes the placenta may be needed to be sent to pathology, in these very rare cases a full refund will be given, minus the deposit.

How do I pay?

Once you have completed your booking form, I will ask for £50 non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. This can be done via paypal or bank transfer. At 36-37 weeks I will send out your chiller pack, and prior to this I will require payment in full for your chosen services. You will recieve an email reminding you. If the Placenta is deemed unsuitable for any of your chosen remedies, you may be offered an alternative and the difference refunded. If there is a medical reason beyond your control and the Placenta is deemed unsuitable for consumption, a full refund minus the £50 deposit will be given. If the Placenta is unsuitable due to mishandling, incorrect storage or non compliance to procedures then No refunds will be given.